Unique Wedding Party Ideas To Try Out, Part 2

wedding ideas

Creating a unique wedding experience for your guests is easier than you think!

There are so many different unique wedding party ideas, and now we are sharing even more of our top tips for years of providing party rentals at hundreds of weddings. Ready to make your wedding stand out from the pack?

Choose Barware To Match Your Wedding

Are you having a barn or outdoor wedding? Choose fun mason jars to serve your custom cocktails in. There are countless party rental options for your barware, so work with your consultant at Party Plus Rentals to find the best barware for your theme. Your guests will be impressed at the special touch!

Surprise Guests With Your Thoughtfulness

Whether your wedding is large or small, most of your guests are traveling from all over to spend your special day with you. One of the most unique ways to make your wedding party and guests feel special is by providing them each with a handwritten note in their place card. These notes don’t need to be long, but putting the time and effort in will be a special touch that makes your wedding even more unique.

Name Your Tables

Consider naming your party rental tables based on your theme or your relationship. If you are having your wedding in a big city, name tables after landmarks or streets in the city. If you want to add a fun personal touch to your wedding, name tables after important moments or places in your relationship. Guests will like the storytelling and effort that you put into your table naming.

Let Your Guests Help With The Playlist

If you are looking to keep the dance floor packed for your entire reception, you need to offer your guests some input. There are many song apps on the market where your guests can vote for what songs they want to hear. You could also ask guests to write down 3 songs they would love to dance to at the reception when they RSVP. Guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness and pack the floor when their song comes on!

Partner With Party Plus Rentals

Party Plus Rentals of Cockeysville and Columbia is a locally-owned party rental business passionate about providing our customers with high-quality, unique party rental furniture and equipment. We work with brides and grooms throughout the state to determine the best possible party rentals for their event and provide top-notch customer service from your first consultation to cleaning up your event. For more great party planning tips, follow our weekly blog. To connect with us and inquire about party rental services, call 410-771-1997 or 410-381-8880 or contact us online.

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