Unique Wedding Party Ideas To Try Out, Part 1


Creating the perfect wedding is easier than you think!

Planning a gorgeous wedding  is one of the most exciting things you will ever have the opportunity to do! Aside from selecting the perfect party rentals and designing your ideal wedding cake, there are so many other fun things that go into the planning process. Today, we are taking our first look at some unique wedding party ideas to set your wedding apart from the rest.

Provide A Ride

If you have your ceremony and reception already booked at two different locations, consider offering your guests a ride from one to the other, and back at the end of the night. This can provide you peace of mind that your guests will get to and from your ceremony and reception sites safely, especially if there will be alcohol at your wedding.

Let Your Party Customize Their Florals

Allow your bridal party members to customize their bouquets with a make your own bouquet station. Have a florist set up a small station with different flowers and greenery in your wedding colors and allow each person to make one to their taste. This will allow for a little bit of personality to shine through in your wedding, even if all your bridesmaids are wearing the same dress.

Stick To One Shade

Unlike the wedding party idea we just suggested, this idea is to just use a single color throughout your wedding. You can use this color for your dresses, your florals, your centerpieces, and your party rentals. It can make a significant impact to stick to a single shade, and attendees will notice the sleek and fun atmosphere that a monochromatic wedding can provide. It also makes for simpler planning, since you won’t need to worry about matching more than one shade.

Add A Video Booth

Wedding videographers are more and more common, but have you heard of a video booth for your guests? This is a station where they can stop to say a few words or well wishes for the bride and groom during the wedding itself. This makes a fun memento of the special day and can be watched for years and years to come!

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