Find The Perfect Tent Rental For Your Wedding


Having a tent rental for your outdoor wedding is a great way to avoid having any unpredictable weather ruin your special day!

Planning a wedding is stressful enough without having to deal with multiple vendors, steep prices, and inconsistent service. It can be overwhelming to deal with all the facets of wedding planning. Partnering with one party rental company is a great way to streamline the wedding planning process and ensure that you love the result. If you are thinking about having an outdoor wedding you will need to invest in a tent or canopy to protect all of your guests from any potential weather elements that can cause a disturbance! Here are a few essential things you need to know to find the perfect tent rental for your wedding.  

The Basics Of Tent Rentals

Some couples assume that a tent rental is enough. After all, how hard could putting up a tent be? In reality, putting up a wedding tent rental is difficult and requires many hands and a few essential accessories. More importantly, the final tent needs to be safe and structurally sound for your guests to gather underneath it. A tent rental with a reliable vendor who can also supply the skilled hands required to pitch the tent is the best idea. The investment you make in labor and a tent rental will more than even out the minuscule cost difference between purchasing a tent and doing it yourself.

From Start To Finish

A wedding tent rental from Party Plus Rentals will come with everything that you need from start to finish. We can deliver and pick-up your tent rental at the end of the night, take care of the entire set-up process, help to install the dance floor and any additional rental equipment and obtain the permits that you need to have a wedding tent.

All Of The Rentals That You Need

When you partner with Party Plus Rentals, you will have access to everything that you could possibly need for your wedding. From beautiful tables in a wide range of sizes to chairs that suit every wedding theme, we have your wedding and party rentals covered. We would love to help your wedding be a beautiful and stress-free day, from the moment we put up your tent rental to the moment your final guest leaves.

Partner With Party Plus Rentals

Party Plus Rentals of Cockeysville and Columbia is a locally-owned party rental business passionate about providing our customers with high-quality, unique party rental furniture and equipment. We work with brides and grooms throughout the state to determine the best possible party rentals for their event and provide top-notch customer service from your first consultation to cleaning up your event. For more great party planning tips, follow our weekly blog. To connect with us and inquire about party rental services, call 410-771-1997 or 410-381-8880 or contact us online.


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