8 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Dance Floor for Any Occasion

No matter what you are celebrating, whether it is a wedding, birthday, or anniversary, the dance floor is the center of the fun at your party. Why limit your decor to tables and party favors? Spruce up your dance floor rental with these eight creative ways to decorate the main space of your event.

8 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Dance Floor for Any Occasion

Light patterns on your dance floor are another great option for combining color and soft lighting in your space.

Balloon Arches

Particularly for birthday parties, balloon arches over your dance floor are a fun and easy way to add life to your party and draw attention to the space. This is also a great way to tie in the colors of your party theme to the central focus of your event.

Floral Designs

Floral designs such as arches and floral chandeliers are a great way to add a colorful and sophisticated look to your dance floor. These are especially perfect for weddings and anniversaries where a more formal look is preferred.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns strung across the top of your dance floor add a romantic look to your event with soft lighting. Although they are simple in design, they look fantastic in photos while adding a subtle glow to your evening as your guests are dancing.

Paper Decorations and Tassels

Hanging paper decorations and tassels from the ceiling above your dance floor incorporates color and texture to your event. Consider using multiple colors from your party theme to liven up your celebration with color and shape.

Cafe Lights

Slightly larger and more formal looking than string lights, cafe lights provide a glowy light and design to your dance floor. If arranged right, your photos will look as though you are dancing under the stars.

Light Patterns

Light patterns on your dance floor are another great option for combining color and soft lighting in your space, without the hassle or clean up of decorations! They are easy to design and install, and they can easily be changed or adjusted throughout the night.

Disco Balls

Similar to lanterns and light patterns, disco balls utilize the lighting of your dance floor to cast colors and patterns around the room as you dance the night away. Use various colors and sizes at different heights for an exciting variety with your look.

Floating Chandeliers

Floating chandeliers are often suspended over your dance floor with a secure wiring system, showing off a formal and sophisticated look for your event. For a simple yet sophisticated focal point in your event, consider using a chandelier to draw attention to the center of the room.

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