7 Easy Ideas to Decorate a Tent for Your Wedding

7 Easy Decor Ideas to Decorate a Tent for Your Wedding

If you are renting a tent to celebrate your big day, consider these easy decor ideas for your wedding.

Spring means the start of outdoor wedding season with great weather and sunshine for your wedding day. What better way to embrace the season for your special day than with an outside reception? If you are renting a tent to celebrate your big day, consider these easy decor ideas for your wedding.

Colorful Floral Installations

Flowers are a perfect way to dress up your day with color and a natural element of greenery. While centerpieces are beautiful and classic, don’t limit your flower arrangements to only your tables. Instead, consider alternative arrangements such as floral halos above your tables and dancefloors for a formal fairytale look.

Garland Wraps

Use garland wraps to decorate the perimeter of your tent with beautiful greenery to complement your flower arrangements. Garland is also great for softening up the look of metal structures inside of the tent to give your reception a cozy look.

Stylish Rugs

Colorful textured rugs are a great way to liven up your tent space by framing the dancefloor or dining space in your reception. Rugs are also a great way to tie in the colors of your color scheme into one cohesive design for your big day.

Statement Candle Holders

Candle holders are the perfect accessory for soft lighting in your space, looking great in both the daylight and in the evening. They also add a great mix of texture to your decor, incorporating various shapes and metals into the florals of your design.

Mixed Metal Accessories

Metal accessories add shine and texture to your decor while also using the lighting to accessorize your reception space. Consider using subtle metallics in your accessories such as candle holders and vases to add variety to your design.

Bright Greenery

Greenery adds a natural element to your decor as a subtle accessory. Frame your flower arrangements and floral designs with plenty of greenery to bring the look of your spring or summer wedding to life.

String Lights

Give your evening a beautiful yet understated glow with string lights to brighten up the perimeter of your tent. Because they are so versatile, string lights can be easily incorporated into almost any aspect of your decor.

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