All items can be reserved by calling one of our offices. Some items require a deposit. Please be courteous to others and if you determine you will not be requiring a reserved item, please let us know as soon as possible so as the item(s) can be made available to others.


All changes must be made 3 business days prior to the pick-up or delivery of your order. As these items have been set aside for your order, any changes within 3 days of delivery/pickup will incur additional labor charges. Once an order is on a delivery truck, no changes or cancellations of the order will be allowed. The order will need to be paid for in full.


For the most part, items are priced by the day. However, this daily rate usually allows for a time frame of one day before to one day after the event.

Pick-Up and Delivery

All items can be picked up from either our Cockeysville or our Columbia location. Reservations will guarantee that the items will be available. Due to the limited warehouse space in the Columbia location, we ask that all items be reserved at least one week in advance in order for us to transfer ( if necessary ) items from the Cockeysville warehouse.

Delivery is available for a fee . The delivery price quoted will be the total round-trip charge. i.e. for the delivery and then the pick-up of the items from your location. Deliveries are made during normal business hours within our delivery area. Special arrangements can be made for deliveries and or pick-ups outside of this area, for specific delivery/pick-up times, for last minute deliveries and for times and/or days outside of the normal business day. There will be an additional charge for these services.

Items will be unloaded and delivered just inside of the front entrance of a residence or facility. Due to insurance regulations, we cannot be responsible for damage due to deliveries being made further into a residence or facility. Additional charges may occur due to elevator use or delays in delivery/pickups.

All items will be counted by Party Plus personnel upon delivery and pickup. It is the customer’s responsibility to be at the site during delivery and pick-up to verify the accuracy of these counts. If customer is not available to verify, the customer accepts the counts of our personnel.

All items must be returned in the containers, bags (see below re: linens) or racks that they were delivered in. All chairs and tables must be broken down and stacked neatly (unless customer has paid for the items to be set-up and or taken down). If any items are not returned in the same manner in which they were delivered, there will be additional charges. Damaged or broken items must also be returned to verify their condition.

Due to health regulations, all glassware, china and flatware should be rinsed prior to returning. They do not have to be washed as they will be washed and sanitized by our staff once returned. All linens, (tablecloths, napkins, skirts, etc) SHOULD NOT be placed in plastic bags once they are used so as to prevent mold from forming.

Damage Waiver

If accepted, relieves renter of liability for ACCIDENTAL damage to the rented item(s). We exclude from the waiver any loss or damage due to misuse, abuse, intentional damage, theft, theft by conversion or any loss due to renter's failure to care for the rental item(s).

Emergency Number

Party Plus Rentals can be reached 24/7 in case of an emergency. Emergency is defined as a defective piece of equipment or some failure of Party Plus Rentals to perform. If we replace an item or send someone out to repair such an item that the customer deems inoperable and its found to be operational, there will be a service charge.